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Our goal at Louder Than Words is to provide churches with long-term missions partnerships. It’s short-term missions with a long-term goal. 

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Our missions partnerships are characterized by the following . . . 


A servant-minded missionary begins with the question, “What can I do to serve the mission?” Believe it or not, there are people who go on mission trips with a “what are you going to do for me” mentality. A servant’s heart and mind are requirements to serve in our orphan and Lenca ministries.


We strive to provide churches with missions opportunities that are built on people not projects. On our trips you will make relations that last a lifetime. You will build relationships with our Honduran partners as well as Hondurans with whom we are ministering. Relationships are a key element of our Honduras missions experience.


Our desire is to connect churches with communities where there can be long-term impact. Our week-long mission trips are part of a long-term committed relationship we have with our Honduran ministry partners and with communities of Honduran people who need to hear the gospel. We want your church to be involved in much more than a 7 day mission trip.


We believe missions should be the heartbeat of the church. Missions is not just something to which you give money, but something to which you give your life. Missions is more than a youth group going on a trip, but should be something that involves the entire congregation. Our desire is to connect congregations with partnerships in missions that will provide opportunities for the entire church. 

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