The Lenca of Honduras

Subsistence Farmers

Most are subsistence level farmers. There main crops are corn, beans, potatoes and coffee. Most work extremely hard cultivating rocky, mountainous terrain. Some areas populated by the Lenca are very dry and prone to severe drought. Besides raising crops for there own families, many Lenca men farm land for others. An average wage would be around $2.00 per day.

Poverty Stricken

Many of the Lenca live in extreme poverty. Their one room homes most often have little furnishings. Despite having multiple children most have only one bed. Mothers cook most of the day on wood burning stoves with little ventilation. There are often no opportunities for education after the 5th grade.

Religion vs. Relationship

The Lenca are a very religious people. Most are “Catholic”, but don’t really know much about the Catholic faith. There form of religion is still mixed with their indian animistic practices such as idolatry, nature worship and festivals that include animal sacrifice and ancestor worship. The Lenca people desperately need to hear the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The truth of the gospel will set them free from the fear of divine chastisement.

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