Missionary Support

Written by markmoore on Sep 21, 2011

What is Missionary Support?
Raising support is unique to faith missions. Through a process called “deputation”; missionaries identify churches and individuals who commit a certain amount of money to cover their salary and the expenses related to their missionary work. This money is called “support”; those who make a faith promise are known as “supporters”; supporters support a missionary when they give support!

Why don’t faith missionaries get paid like everybody else?
Missionaries do get salaries, but their salaries come through the agency from the support they raise. Mission agencies do not have enough income to underwrite the work of missions, so before beginning their ministry, missionaries build a team of senders who commit to prayer and financial partnership. Although a certain amount of money is promised, missionaries still go to the field on faith, knowing that the gifts will only come in as God provides. The mission agency does not guarantee their salary.

Can I be sure my money will go to the missionary I designate?
Yes! The vast majority of mission agencies are scrupulously honest and eager to see your contribution benefit the person you designate.  Louder Than Words has board of directors who have total oversight of money distributions.  Our bookeeper serves as Treasurer of the Board.

Are there different kinds of contributions?
Yes, three:
Regular support: Monthly, quarterly or annual support contributions (which are tax-deductible) cover missionaries’ basic living and ministry expenses.
One-time commitments: These tax-deductible contributions cover unexpected financial needs.
Project commitments: Projects may include anything from a chair to a car to a church building. Project donations should be clearly marked so that the money will be assigned to the purpose you intend. Project commitments are also tax-deductible

How do I begin support?
You can send your contribution to: Louder  Than Words Ministries, P.O. Box 1983 Weaverville, NC 28787 Or you can notify us by mail, phone or email and we will send you some appropriate documents to begin the process.  If you are comfortable giving online you can set that up through the give online link at the bottom of this page.

Is my faith promise a legal agreement?
No. Your promise of support is a commitment before God to give as He provides. If circumstances make it impossible for you to fulfill your support commitment, we know God will provide for us via other means.

How long is my support commitment?
Your partnership should continue until God leads you in a different direction. We know that God will provide for our needs and bless our “senders” for their investment into His Kingdom work.

Is there an automated way to support a missionary directly from my checking account? Yes. We have a form you can fill out and your bank will transfer your funds directly to LTWMA each month.

Giving Options

– Monthly Gifts
– One-Time Gifts
– Special Project Gifts

Mailing Address

Louder Than Words
P.O. Box 1983
Weaverville, NC 28787