Written by markmoore on Jun 06, 2011

The Mission

Louder Than Words exists to introduce students and adults to global missions and challenge them to answer God’s call to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations.

The Vision

To provide high school and college students and adults with mission adventures which will allow them to experience a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ and follow His call to make a difference in their world.

The Target

To work primarily with smaller congregations, home school networks, and Christian schools, whose students would be eternally impacted from the opportunity to participate in a global mission adventure.

The Teams

Our goal is to expose high school, college students and adults to a world and a call bigger than themselves.  Our desire is to see students pursue opportunities of continued service in the Kingdom of God through global missions.  Our prayer is that God will use this ministry to call out a future generation of missionaries who will take the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

The Need

The Spirit of God is moving across this generation of students and across congregations like a roaring wave.  He is raising up a new generation willing to finish the task of world evangelization.  Yet, many are finding few opportunities to be involved in global missions through their local church.

The Model

Servant Evangelism . . .  sharing the love of Christ with a lost world through intentional acts of service.   Servant evangelism is just one way we will strive to make a “world of difference”.  It is our belief that “Truth without proof is meaningless.”